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Version: 4
by Adrian

Last Updated: 27/05/2011
App website: http://www.ogama.net
Category: Analysis
License: GPLv3

Rated 5.0 stars (2)

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Compatible with:

    Operating systems: Windows XP Windows 7/Vista

    Eye trackers: Tobii, SMI iView, ITU GazeTracker, Intelligaze IG-30 (Alea Technologies).


This software allows recording and analyzing eye- and mouse-tracking data from slideshow eyetracking experiments in parallel. OGAMA is freeware, written in C#.NET and released as an open source project. Its main features include database-driven pre-processing and filtering of gaze and mouse data, the creation of attention maps, areas of interest definition, saliency calculation (Itti&Koch 2001), levenshtein distance calculation and replay (with .avi recording). Nearly any eyetracking and/or presentation soft- and hardware recordings in ASCII format can be imported. Direct recording is possible with commercial tracking systems from Tobii, alea or SMI and with the ITU Gazetracker open source solution which uses infrared ready webcams or a modified PlayStationEye camera.
Data output is provided that can directly be used with different statistical software packages. Because it is open source you can adapt it to suit your needs.



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