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Eye-Tracking Universal Driver

Eye-Tracking Universal Driver
Version: 1.27
by olegspakov

Last Updated: 30/05/2011
App website: http://www.cs.uta.fi/~oleg/
Category: Middleware
License: Freeware

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Compatible with:

    Operating systems: Windows XP Windows 7/Vista

    Eye trackers: Tobii, SMI iView, ITU GazeTracker, Eyegaze (LC Technologies).


Eye-Tracking Universal Driver (ETU-Driver) have been developed as a middleware to be used between actual eye tracker system/driver and an end-user application to provide device-independent data access and control. The ETU-Driver consists of a COM library that implements the interface common for all eye trackers, and a set of supporting API-converters (plain DLLs), which "convert" original manufacturer's APIs into a common API used by ETU-Driver. The benefit of using ETU-Driver comes from the fact that any end-user application implemented on top of ETU-Driver can access data from any eye tracker that is supported by ETU-Driver simply by selecting the proper input device.

So far, ETU-Driver is able to access the following eye trackers: ITU GazeTracker (2009), LC EyeGaze (2007), SR EyeLink I/II (2008), SMI iViewX (2001) and (2008), Tobii Technologies (all). Additionally, 3 simulators can be used for debugging or quick-demo purposes. The first simulator uses mouse as gaze data source. Another simulator plays back gaze data from a file recorded by ETU-Driver. The third simulator generates random scan-path.

ETU-Driver can be accessed in JavaScript after installing ETUDX, a wrapper that makes ETU-Driver webpage-embeddable (ActiveX, IE only).

The installation package also contains a Fixation Detector COM library, that is used by one ETU-Driver's plugin. Other developers may utilize it on their own applications as well.

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